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Seeds Of Perdition

Taking root in early thrash and death metal, and combined with dark, foreboding ambiance, Seeds of Perdition strives to create a more atmospheric style of death/thrash metal. While the trend in extreme music today is towards technicality and virtuosity, Seeds presents a more raw and intense sound that gives a simpler, yet heavier vibe.


Seeds of Perdition formed in Philadelphia, P.A. in 2010 when founding members Daniel Loughry and George Cathers, formerly of Insatanity and Polterchrist, decided to take a different direction from past projects. They recorded their first demo, “New World Tyrants,” in Spring 2011. With Matt Frost doing guest vocals on a couple of tracks, the two were in search of more band members. Former bassist of Blasphemous, Steve Raimer, and drummer Dan McGrouty joined the fold with Matt Frost on lead vocals and the band took their brand of metal to local venues for the next few years.

With the departure of Matt Frost and Steve Raimer, early 2013 saw the addition of Chris Natalini on vocals. Chris brings in his experience from such bands as Dawn of Correction, Circle of Fear, and Blood Feast. The band was then signed to local Philadelphia label, Born of Chaos Records. Their debut 5 song EP entitled “From Within” was released end of May 2013.

In 2014, came the addition of Chris Kerns on bass guitar, hailing from groups such as Crucifier and Pale Existence. "Crazy Ass" Paul Dunleavy joined the band on lead guitar for 2014-2015. Late 2016 saw the arrival of Joseph Muir on lead guitar. Originally an acoustic jazz guitarist, he is new blood to the death metal genre and music scene.

"Incarnation" was released June, 2017.

Chris Kerns departed from the band in mid 2018 and was replaced with John Tavani, former guitarist and original member of Insatanity.

In 2018, Seeds Of Perdition signed to Sliptrick Records to release "Suffering Of The Dead."

In 2019, Dan Loughry joined the band again as 3rd guitar and Steven Raimer returned as the bass player.